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read in november 2015

Robert Parry, Reviving the “Liberal Media” Myth

Gabrielle Bellot, Flight of the Ruler: A Transwoman in Exile

Scott Esposito, That Revitalizing Fever

10 Trans Women Prisoners They Definitely Didn’t Tell You About in History Class

Benjamin Balthaser, Jews Without Money: Toward a Class Politics of Anti-Zionism

Black Lives Matter Supporters in Oregon Targeted by State Surveillance

Your Social Media Posts are Fueling the Future of Police Surveillance

Stephen Corry, The Colonial Origins of Conservation

Marcel Bois, Hitler Wasn’t Inevitable 

ONKWEHÓN:WE RISING, Nican Tlaca Communism Part 1, Towards a Synthesis

Israel to Coordinate with Google, YouTube, to Censor Palestinian Videos of Conflict



read in october 2015

Tom McKay, Scientists Gauge How Fast the Earth’s Ecosystems are Dying

The BDS Ceiling

5 Black Churches in Ferguson Area Have Burned Since Last Week [10/19], Media Shrugs

Benjamin Dixon, When the Police Turn Someone You Know Into a Hashtag

SPLCenter Report, White Homicide World Wide [White supremacy]

Juno Diaz Just Lost an Award for Speaking Out Against the Dominican Republic’s Anti-Hatian Progrom

George Monbiot, Indonesia is burning. So why is the world looking away?

More than 20 women detained in Texas immigration facility begin hunger strike

read in september 2015

Trapped in detention, transgender immigrants face new traumas. 

Demonizing the Poor. [Jacobin]

Sexual Abuse to Prison Pipeline Report: A Native Perspective.

Me, Myself, and Hitler. [LA Review of Books]

Ahmed isn’t alone: Well-behaved minority boys more likely to be imprisoned than white troublemakers. [Washington Post]

Meet the Muslim students who have been harassed at school for less than a clock

An Odd Couple: Samuel Beckett & Buster Keaton

What the alternate Hugo ballot would likely have been

Feminine beauty trans women passing experience

Survivors of the 1980s AIDS crisis reveal what happened to them

read in august 2015

Nicholas Brady, A Few Notes to the Intramural on Afropessimism

chico, A Primer on “Libidinal Economy” in Relation to Black Folks

Emily Strasser, Letter from Hiroshima

[Salon] 8 stats that reveal just how badly the police state hurts black women

Imani Gandy, #BlackLivesMatter More Than the Hurt Feelings of White Progressives™

[Crimethinc] Reflections on the Ferguson Uprising

Next Time it Explodes


Jenny Noyes, Activists paint whitewashed Stonewall statues to remember transgender women of color

Justin Mueller, Taking Trump’s Fascism Seriously

read in july 2015

bree newson
“I did it because I am free.”

Sam Keeper, Repent, Feminist!” said the Wiki Man (Or: Deface Wikipedia Today!) [sexism, transmisogyny, white supremacy]

Bryce Peake, “WP: THREATENING2MEN: Misogynist Infopolitics and the Hegemony of Asshole Consensus on English Wikipedia [sexism, misogyny]

Reagan Ali and S. Wooten, Baltimore Police Called Out For Making Up ‘Gang Violence’ Stories to Scare Public [cop violence, racism]


[Bloomberg] What Does Harper Lee Want?

Taylor Gordon, Telling Poor, Smart Kids That All It Takes Is Hard Work to Be as Successful as Their Wealthy Peers Is a Blatant Lie [classism]

Phoenix Singer, Marriage Equality, but Now What? Homonationalism and Jennicet Gutierrez in Marriage Politics [transmisogyny, racism, Gay Inc.]

Mehlab Jameel, Rainbows and Weddings: The Neoliberal and Imperialist Politics of LGBT Rights [white supremacy]

Banna Desta, Where Brooklyn At? The Rise of Gentrification and the Fall of Hip-Hop [classism, racism, urban colonization]

[The Atlantic] How One Law Banning Ethnic Studies Led to its Rise

Aragorn, Children of the new Earth: Deleuze, Guattari, and Anarchism

read in june 2015

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Shannon Nasha-Miller, Disciplining Black Queer Motherhood [Misogynoir, police surveillance]

Anarchist News, What Happened Here? The Events in Olympia on the Evening of May the 30th [anti-fa]

Collier Meyerson A guide to debunking ‘black-on-black crime’ and all of its rhetorical cousins [racism, white supremacy]

Associated Press, FBI behind mysterious fleet of aircraft conducting surveillance over US cities [surveillance]

Janet Mock, ‘Aloha’ Movie: Hollywood’s Historical Misappropriation of Hawaiian Language [racism, erasure]

Chelsea Manning, The years since I was jailed… [The Guardian]

BlackMagicalGirlMisandry, Three Historical Instances of American Anti-Black Transmisogyny

Gavia Baker-Whitelaw, Director Lexi Alexander dismantles Hollywood’s persistent sexism


Mariame Kaba, Summer Heat [racism, white supremacy, cop violence]

Chauncey Devega, Black America is so very tired of explaining and debating [antiblackness, white supremacy]

Carl E. Kandutsch, Rachel’s Choice [Israel occupation, protest killing]

Democracy Now, The Dominican Republic’s “Ethnic Purging” [Genocide]

Frank Guan, Why Are Racists Always Called “White Trash”? [white supremacy]

Dark Matter, #NotProud Resistance to Gay (Racist) Pride [racism, homonationalism]

Michelle Chen, Fit For Citizenship? A Photo Essay [Eugenics]

read in merry may 2015

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image found here

Yesha Callahan, #SayHerName: Families and Social Media Rally for Justice in the Police Killings of Black Women [misogynoir, police violence, anti-black racism]

Crimethinc, Why We Don’t Make Demands

Peter Dreier, The Radical Dissent of Helen Keller

John Lasker, Girl Strikers: Gender and Cleveland’s Garment District Strikes of 1911 

Fernanda Toro, Shit White Feminists Need to Stop Doing

Cristan Williams, Repeating the cycle at MichFest: The clash of two feminisms [transmisogyny, cissexism]

Targeting Cops, Police Terror Bombing of MOVE — 30 Yrs Later [White supremacy, cop violence]

Out of the Woods, The future is kids’ stuff

Johnny Void, It’s Time to Learn From History, Direct Action and Disobedience Is What Brings Governments Down

Bethy Squires, The New Nihilism

St. Louis Police have used Stingray technology for years

Protester Progress

Black artist will burn, bury the Confederate flag across the South on memorial day

Hugh Ryan, There’s a Suicide Problem Among Transgender Youths — and We Need to Help [transmisogyny, abuse, suicide]

Thom Senzee, Women Are Still Locked in Immigration Detention Cells With Men Just Because They’re Trans [white supremacy, rape]

Kuklarusskaya, Neo Nazis and Social Media: A Culture of Passivity and Compliance [anti-Semitism, racism]

Anarchist News, Mass Prisoner Resistance Movements [carceral state]