read in merry may 2015

image found here
image found here

Yesha Callahan, #SayHerName: Families and Social Media Rally for Justice in the Police Killings of Black Women [misogynoir, police violence, anti-black racism]

Crimethinc, Why We Don’t Make Demands

Peter Dreier, The Radical Dissent of Helen Keller

John Lasker, Girl Strikers: Gender and Cleveland’s Garment District Strikes of 1911 

Fernanda Toro, Shit White Feminists Need to Stop Doing

Cristan Williams, Repeating the cycle at MichFest: The clash of two feminisms [transmisogyny, cissexism]

Targeting Cops, Police Terror Bombing of MOVE — 30 Yrs Later [White supremacy, cop violence]

Out of the Woods, The future is kids’ stuff

Johnny Void, It’s Time to Learn From History, Direct Action and Disobedience Is What Brings Governments Down

Bethy Squires, The New Nihilism

St. Louis Police have used Stingray technology for years

Protester Progress

Black artist will burn, bury the Confederate flag across the South on memorial day

Hugh Ryan, There’s a Suicide Problem Among Transgender Youths — and We Need to Help [transmisogyny, abuse, suicide]

Thom Senzee, Women Are Still Locked in Immigration Detention Cells With Men Just Because They’re Trans [white supremacy, rape]

Kuklarusskaya, Neo Nazis and Social Media: A Culture of Passivity and Compliance [anti-Semitism, racism]

Anarchist News, Mass Prisoner Resistance Movements [carceral state]

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