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dancing in the belly of the beast — “Memoir of a Race Traitor” by Mab Segrest


[CN: White supremacy, homophobia, brutal race/gay bashing murders, illness, colonialism, genocide, worker exploitation]

I had begun to feel irregularly white. Klan folks had a word for it: race traitor. Driving in and out of counties with heavy Klan activity, I kept my eyes on the rear-view mirror, and any time a truck with a Confederate flag license plate passed me, the hair on the back of my neck would rise…I found myself hating white people, including myself.

…Maybe whiteness was more about consciousness than color? That scared me too, the possibility of being caught between the worlds of race, white people kicking me out, people of color not letting me in.

I was blown away by Mab Segrest’s memoir of activism with radical lesbians and with whites and people of color in the south against the Klan. It moves across three decades, from the 60s to the early 90s, but not in a linear or procedural fashion.