read in june 2015

image found here

Shannon Nasha-Miller, Disciplining Black Queer Motherhood [Misogynoir, police surveillance]

Anarchist News, What Happened Here? The Events in Olympia on the Evening of May the 30th [anti-fa]

Collier Meyerson A guide to debunking ‘black-on-black crime’ and all of its rhetorical cousins [racism, white supremacy]

Associated Press, FBI behind mysterious fleet of aircraft conducting surveillance over US cities [surveillance]

Janet Mock, ‘Aloha’ Movie: Hollywood’s Historical Misappropriation of Hawaiian Language [racism, erasure]

Chelsea Manning, The years since I was jailed… [The Guardian]

BlackMagicalGirlMisandry, Three Historical Instances of American Anti-Black Transmisogyny

Gavia Baker-Whitelaw, Director Lexi Alexander dismantles Hollywood’s persistent sexism


Mariame Kaba, Summer Heat [racism, white supremacy, cop violence]

Chauncey Devega, Black America is so very tired of explaining and debating [antiblackness, white supremacy]

Carl E. Kandutsch, Rachel’s Choice [Israel occupation, protest killing]

Democracy Now, The Dominican Republic’s “Ethnic Purging” [Genocide]

Frank Guan, Why Are Racists Always Called “White Trash”? [white supremacy]

Dark Matter, #NotProud Resistance to Gay (Racist) Pride [racism, homonationalism]

Michelle Chen, Fit For Citizenship? A Photo Essay [Eugenics]

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