read in july 2015

bree newson
“I did it because I am free.”

Sam Keeper, Repent, Feminist!” said the Wiki Man (Or: Deface Wikipedia Today!) [sexism, transmisogyny, white supremacy]

Bryce Peake, “WP: THREATENING2MEN: Misogynist Infopolitics and the Hegemony of Asshole Consensus on English Wikipedia [sexism, misogyny]

Reagan Ali and S. Wooten, Baltimore Police Called Out For Making Up ‘Gang Violence’ Stories to Scare Public [cop violence, racism]


[Bloomberg] What Does Harper Lee Want?

Taylor Gordon, Telling Poor, Smart Kids That All It Takes Is Hard Work to Be as Successful as Their Wealthy Peers Is a Blatant Lie [classism]

Phoenix Singer, Marriage Equality, but Now What? Homonationalism and Jennicet Gutierrez in Marriage Politics [transmisogyny, racism, Gay Inc.]

Mehlab Jameel, Rainbows and Weddings: The Neoliberal and Imperialist Politics of LGBT Rights [white supremacy]

Banna Desta, Where Brooklyn At? The Rise of Gentrification and the Fall of Hip-Hop [classism, racism, urban colonization]

[The Atlantic] How One Law Banning Ethnic Studies Led to its Rise

Aragorn, Children of the new Earth: Deleuze, Guattari, and Anarchism


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