read in april 2015

image found here
image found here

Petar Stanchev, Mr Anarchist, we need to have a chat about colonialism

Brian Kung, Damaged Karma: Commoditization and Exploitation of Asians in Tech [racism, white supremacy, worker exploitation, Steve Jobs didnt take showers and smelled bad]

Spencer Sunshine, The Continuing Appeal of Racism and Fascism [intra-Left oppression, co-optation]

Mike Spies, What It’s Like to be a Transgender Woman in a Max-Security Prison [transmisogynoir, violence, incarceration]

Karetelnik Spain: Ongoing wave of repression against anarchists

WYMS, Radiated Milk Sold in Black Neighborhoods: The Art of Slow Genocide [Anti-blackness, eliminationism, n-word mention]

Walter Smolarek, The Decline of U.S. Imperialism and the Structural Crisis of Whiteness [white supremacy]

Spread Anarchy, Live Communism

Meredith Talusan, Leelah Alcorn ‘Cis-washed’ by Media, White House [transmisogyny, erasure, gay inc.]

M.G. Lord, You’d be Such a Good Mother, If Only You Weren’t You 

Niamh Cullen, Franca Viola Says ‘No:’  Gender violence, consent, and the law in 1960s Italy

Surprise — Turns out Nestle Actually WAS stealing water in Calif.

Meredith Talusan, Leelah Alcorn ‘Cis-washed’ by the Media, White House [erasure, transmisogyny]

[The Guardian] A small country but a big nation: how genocide shaped the Armenia of today

In Support of Baltimore: Or; Smashing Police Cars is Logical Political Strategy

Princess Harmony Rodriguez, Full Stop: White Supremacy, Trans Women of Color and Bruce Jenner [racism, privilege]

The Baltimore Rebellion [police violence, anti-black racism]

Toni Morrisson Lectures: Robin Kelley, Mike Brown’s Body: Meditations on War, Race, and Democracy

Part 1: John Brown’s Body: Abolition Democracy Against Perpetual War

Part 2: Other Brown Bodies: World War on the Working Class

Part 3: Ending War?: Decolonial Democracy Against Neoliberalism


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