read in february 2015

image found here
image found here

Mikki Kendall, “How to make history by tweeting an old photo.”

Aaron, “5 Black Trans Women who Paved the Way” [Lucy Hicks Anderson, Carlett A. Brown, Sir Lady Java, Marsha P. Johnson, and Miss Major]

Anonymous, “Coordinated Online Terrorist Attacks.” [white male supremacist tech culture, misogynist terrorism, gaslighting/minimalisation]

Alex-Quan Pham, “When you become the oppressive ‘ally’: asians, anti-blackness, and accountability,” [anti-black racism, white supremacy, orientalism]

Compiled by Monsieur Caution [Metafilter], Some notable SF/F/H short fiction from 2014

Bianca Diaz, The Princess Who Went Quiet this is such a beautiful picture book for young people with incarcerated parents.

Rob Wile, “Portland is the most gentrified city of the century.” [urban colonization]

Crimethinc, “Turkish Anarchists on the Fight for Kobane.”

Jessica Luther, “A look at Vanderbilt…” [descriptions of rape, sexual violence and assault]

Carolyn Gage, “The Marital Rape in Gone With the Wind and Other Lies” [descriptions of abuse and battery]

E, “The Asexual Challenge to Homonormativity” [heteropatriarchy, assimilation]

Lindsey Catherine Cornum, “The Space NDN’s Star Map”

April V. Taylor, “Israel Admits to Forcibly Injecting Black Immigrants With Birth Control” [eugenics]

Stefani Cox, “How White Millenials Rely on Racist Policing” [white supremacy]


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