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the gay science

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 1.16.07 PMReturning to the QDSF issue of LIGHTSPEED to tackle five reprint stories. (i looked at the original printings here.) We have three shorts and two longer stories from the 80s, and once again, an asterisk indicates extra enjoyment.



we choose to go to the gay moon


“Queers Destroy Science Fiction!” is a special issue of LIGHTSPEED featuring nothing but LGBTQ sf. At only 4 bucks for 500 pages and change of shorts, flash fics, interviews, and essays, im diving in. ive had great luck with queer sf. i especially have to recommend BENDING THE LANDSCAPE co-edited by Nicola Griffith, which has a piece called “Dance at the Edge” that was just beautifully written.

This post will journal the original print stories with links to the ones hosted online. An asterisk * denotes an extra good read.