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essay canon dispatch no. 8 — “On Being a Cripple” by Nancy Mairs (80’s)

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[CN: ableism, objectification, depression, suicide]

If you only got time for one of the essays in the CNF Canon, make it this one.

One cant predict link rot, and the only place where i can find the 1983 essay is this tumblr blog post. Much thanks to them! The only other location i found was a pdf scan of an excerpt for an AP english exam. Like the canon article says, these essays are among other things really teachable. It’s wild to go to Nancy Mairs’s writing voice after WCW — this is decidedly un-experimental; the writing is tight, clear, emotionally mature and well organized. It is this direct and confident quality that struck me the most, and provoked an intensely personal response.


your life meant something and so will your death. rest in power leelah alcorn

[CN: transmisogyny, gender policing, parental abuse, family violence, suicide, depression]

Trans Lifeline.

Leelah’s death as reported by local news (originally mis-gendered but since fixed, still calls her a “teen,” cos god forbid we grant trans girls a girlhood)

Leelah’s suicide note on her Tumblr [TW] Backup

Google search of trans women murders in 2014

Find Sage Smith

The violence wrought on trans*folk and particularly trans women of color should be identified as a pandemic. I have absolutely no patience for anyone castigating suicide as “selfish,” or saying “it gets better,” or saying “her parents’ beliefs should be respected,” or saying “depression is a mental illness.” All are dismissive and victim-blaming tactics that distract us from the societal norms that are to blame.

Something brought up by the WGS students in the thesis seminar I took, which was centered on Our Bodies Ourselves: There is an oppressing silence on family violence that isn’t sexual. The subtle ways in which parents control the bodies of their children, seemingly more out of narcissism than what they think is best for the kids, isn’t piquant enough to fit in the routine narratives.

And blaming it all on bigoted parents is an easy way to let individual failings obscure a cisnormative society that is complicit in in this policing/abuse/murder of trans women of color. The discussion is centered on this or it is centered on bullshit.

Words below the fold nah.

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