uncharacteristic restraint from the author (excerpt)

William S. Burroughs’s NOVA EXPRESS, pp. 28-29

I spit blood under the sliding vulture shadows — At The Mercado Mayorista saw a tourist — A Meester Merican fruto drinking pisco — and fixed me with the eyes so I sit down and drink and tell him how I live in a shack under the hill with a tin roof held down by rocks and hate my brothers because they eat — He says something about “malo viento” and laughs and I went with him to a hotel I know — In the morning he says I am honest and will I come with him to Pucallpa he is going into the jungle looking for snakes and spiders to take pictures and bring them back to Washington they always carry something away even if it is only a spider monkey spitting blood the way most of us do here in the winter when the mist comes down from the mountains and never leaves your clothes and lungs and everyone coughed and spit blood mist on the mud floor where I sleep — We start out next day in a Mixto Bus by night we are in the mountains with snow and the Meester brings out a bottle of pisco and the driver gets drunk down into the Selva came to Pucallpa three days later — The Meester locates a brujo and pays him to prepare Ayahuasca and I take some too and muy mareado — Then I was back in Lima and other places I didn’t know and saw the Meester as child in a room with rose wallpaper looking at something I couldn’t see — Tasting roast beef and turkey and ice cream in my throat knowing the thing I couldnt’ see was always out there in the hall — And the Meester was looking at me and I could see the street boy words there in his throat — Next day the police came looking for us at the hotel and the Meester showed letters to the Commandnate so they shook hands and went off to lunch and I took a bus back to Lima with money he gave me to buy equipment —


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