#JusticeForFeras #NotAnotherPoliceShooting

[CN: Cop violence, racism]

As someone who was involved in National Forensics as a student, albeit back in the day, im saddened and angered by the news that Feras Morad, a nationally ranked college debater, was shot to death by a cop in Long Beach, CA.

You can visit this tumblr page for context and developing news.

From the Justice4MikeBrown tumblr:

May 27 

Feras Morad was completely unarmed, and severely injured after jumping out of a second floor window when Long Beach Police murdered him. 

Friends say Feras Morad tried shrooms for the first time and had a bad reaction, causing him to act erratically. His friends called 911 after he jumped through the glass of a second-story window. They say he was injured, shirtless, bleeding, and in a state of utter distress. 

When the officers arrived his friends begged them not to shoot him. After the officers shot Feras 3 times, responding firefighters began performing life saving procedures but Feras was later pronounced dead at the hospital.

The police didn’t even tell the Morad family their son was dead. They never received a call from the police, the hospital, or the coroner’s office. The family learned of his death 2 days later through a Facebook message.

Justice For Feras Morad: Donate to the Feras Morad Family Fund

id appreciate it if any readers would signal boost this story on their social media, and/or take a minute to donate to the family’s support fund if you can.


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