disjointed rant on biracial fawning

yes, as a biracial (chinese mixed with white, femme dmab, light skin) person, people who take up a lot of or nearly all of their social media space talking about their or other ppl’s biracial kids are really disturbing to me.

alright, so a staple of white supremacy in the post-reconstruction and jim crow years was anti-miscegenation. Ida B. Wells (Southern Horrors: Lynch Law in All Its Phases)  [TW: white supremacy, rape, and murder] constructed a brilliant analysis on how this played out into lynch law and the roles white women as a gendered class constructed by patriarchy played within southern justice.

but the important part of this history is not that white man were allergic to the idea of racial mixing. the important thing about this obsession with the moral/racial/gendered purity of white women was that innocent black men were tortured, castrated and lynched as spectacle for white men and their wives and children bc of it. (anytime you hear a white person talk about the “urban black culture of violence,” remember this history. we are savages). white women historically served as executioners and to this day enjoy structural power over black women by exploiting these narratives of moral/racial purity (see the phenomenon of White Woman Tears). and black women were assaulted and raped thru history by white men because you know how white men are — our actions are the diametrical opposite of our post-enlightenment liberal humanist words.

and this is not over. the police, an institution originating from slave patrols, have taken over these tasks. it is a US tradition. and on this front conservative and white nationalist USans are more honest than white liberals (see the former congressman dude in the Louis Theroux documentary).

the “free interbreeding of the races” doesnt seem that important to me when it comes to curbing the power of white male supremacy and its enduring grip on the criminal justice system and society at large.

i could be wrong in that this has anything to do with why ppl are into biracial kids since white mythology quickly takes over our historical education. in Mikki Kendall’s words, “most people only know as much history as they’ve been taught before the age of 18.”

but it’s very clear to me that non-racist relationships, precious and valuable as they are in our colorblind social hellscape, are trivialized by the ubiquitous anti blackness of our institutions at every political level. they serve the powerful by diverting our attention to the personal to obfuscate the political. all stories are human interest stories, and here i include “the news” as well as individualistic narrative-driven hollywood.

what does my whiteness mean to me? it’s nothing to be embarrassed about, but, more importantly, NOTHING TO BE PROUD OF.

white people in the US who talk about their whiteness as something with a “heritage,”usually involving the Constitution — very disturbing.

my whiteness means nothing to me except that i have racial privileges. there are some nuances, in that some racial privileges/bids to white brotherhood are conditional and can be revoked. i have successfully had that happen. but this means nothing to anybody except me. most of the time, people think i am white until i explicitly tell them, as i tell all new ppl i meet, i am chinese mixed with white, neutral pronouns preferred.

in my post on mab segrest’s Memoir of a Race Traitor she talks about re-seeing whites “through the eyes” of black ppl. i talked about this unproblematically, but i now understand, thanks to the ideas of @thetrudz at Gradient Lair, that this is a bridge too far. white supremacy ensures that i will not experience racism in any way that has parity with what black women are made to endure. my whiteness is always a barrier to true empathy with oppressed people.

i can’t truly inhabit oppressed experiences, but i can read and hear the voices of those who do, and hopefully think historically about them in a way that is helpful to somebody.

regarding future plans, f.a.o myself:

if i’m doing this right, it should be black history month all the time. i have been meaning to re-read Southern Horrors, which i got to study early on as an undergrad, and write about it here.

readers can also expect a piece on Rita Hester, whose story began TDoR; the ge/ynocide of black trans women that is ongoing and ignored by everyone; and the roots of this exclusion of twoc as white gay males usurped the movement twoc initiated.

in the far future: book reports on White Sands, Red Menance, and The Fifth Sacred Thing. I have also fancied reading Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead of all things (i love trash romance novels) and watching the 1949 film adaptation starring Patricia Neal and Gary Cooper and writing about it. im writing this here to hold myself to these ideas lol.


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