read in january 2015

civil rights punch
image from here

Krow’s Sentencing Statement [carceral state, green anarchism, direct action]

Jason Hammond’s Sentencing Statement [anti-fa, white supremacy, carceral state]

Jay, “or…Because I Got High” [using cannabis, het privilege, “no homo”, appropriation/voyeurism, het men are weird]

Shanley Kane, “My Statement” [misogynist terrorism, white male supremacist tech culture]

Willie Osterweil, “How White Liberals Used Civil Rights to Create More Prisons” [white supremacy, systemic anti-black racism, carceral state/new jim crow]

Abbey Edward, “Neither Liberal Nor Reactionary: Throwing Down for Racial Justice” [examining allyship, anti-blackness within anarchist circles]

Kẏra, “Transmisogyny at Women’s Colleges Goes Beyond Questions of Admission”
[cissexism, heteropatriarchy, transmisogyny]

Melissa McEwan, “Fatsronaut 101: Choosing to be Fat is Okay” [fat-hatred, sizeism, radical self-love]

b. binaohan, compiled by Kẏra, #MyGenderIsSoValid [settler colonialism, transmisogyny, cissexism]

Terrell Jermaine Starr, “Violence Against Black Transgender Women Goes Largely Ignored” [transmisogynoir, anti-black racism, anti-trans violence, marginalization/erasure]

HamdenRice, “Most of you have no idea what Martin Luther King actually did” [whitewashing history, jim crow south]

“Britain burnt ’embarrassing’ documents of colonial crimes” [genocide denial]

Reddit AMA compiled by AcquiererOfThings, “Shoplifting Tips from a Loss Prevention Officer”

“The one sentence you need to read to understand France’s anti-Semitism crisis”That sentence is: “Half of all racist attacks in France take Jews as their target, even though they number less than 1% of the population.”  [anti-Semitic violence]

AmericaWakieWakie, “American Sniper: the Casualties of War Live Far Beyond the Grave” [familial difficulties, jingoism, imperialism, fascist propaganda]

“Eco-warrior planted homemade ‘stingers’ that took out THREE police cars…” [direct action, green anarchism, UK anarchism]


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