always. support. women arrested/convicted/incarcerated for self defense.

[CN: judicial misogynoir, white supremacist patriarchy, carceral state]

“Today, after the sentence given by Judge Daniel, my family and I will be able to move on with our lives. Although the journey has been long and there’s been many difficult moments, I could not have arrived here, where I am today, without the thoughts, many thoughts and many prayers of so many people who voiced their support and encouragement. Words can never express my gratitude for those who stood beside me, including my children and family. I am also grateful that Judge Daniel approached this case with such care and diligence.”

— Marissa Alexander’s post-sentencing statement

further context and links to black women in similar circumstances from Shakesville

because our society and its laws are controlled by white het men who are well fed, all the valencies of violence done by men to women are sanctioned. meanwhile the judicial system conspires to penalize the so-called weaker sex who dare to defend themselves.

the state sanctions and is the leader in white violence, while black people who act, as the onion puts it, in any way that doesnt indicate total subjugation, are hypercriminalised or lynched.

our white male supremacist injustice system is structurally incapable of recognizing full human rights of black women, black trans women, and twoc. 20 fucking years are initially sentenced to marissa alexander for acting on the validity of her existence. meanwhile, the racist murdering vigilante shit stain zimmerman walks free, and rapists are posted on such negligible bail that many women dont even fucking bother pursuing justice, as they say.

the laws favor the white, the male, the rich. the prisons provide slave labor, warehouse the poor, and destroy working class family structures which leads to more arrests and convictions. anyone who calls themselves a “law-abiding citizen” with pride and smugness is a (most certainly white) person to whom i dont have much to say, really.

but this is an evil country with a criminal system that is unconcerned with the real criminals.


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