stuff entitled whites do — journalist/documentary integrity is a joke

[CN: cis/het/white man privilege, transmisogyny, white supremacy, colonialism, abusive mainstream journalism]

First, they declare themselves “civilian journalists.”

Then, with a low-grade camera they barge into trans women’s conferences, or protests in solidarity with black resistance.

With their colonial/police-work documentary devices they linger on faces. sometimes you can hear him stifle a laugh.

They upload their voyeuristic exploits to their youtubes [TW fascist white supremacist]. and this is their so-called content. literally does not go beyond LOL @ this liberal thing (liberal here meaning anything insufficiently fascist; fascists’ logic, not mine).

It’s all so insensibly white:

invade queer/poc spaces, perhaps the only places folx can feel safe from oppressors. steal the ideas/analyses/products of the labor of trans women activists, or anti racist demonstrators, or whomever the target is, and upload it as their “product” under copyright protection of white-serving legislation.

These menz take credit, acclaim, and revenue from this zero-effort and zero-ethics violence by camera. the people who do the work have their identities erased while their faces are exploited. their labor is explicitly ridiculed as non-work as these dick-whipped and white supremacist menz gain their cultural and monetary capital from presenting it. i got a white upbringing, so these are double-standards i had to learn to see — but it’s still mystifying to me now.

no space is off-limits to these white folk. nothing stops them from hurting their targets. it is their “right.”

and im only talking about right wing menz here. white liberals do this all the time. they all make money off this.

invade. steal. profit. repeat.

Oh i almost forgot the other key part of the cycle:

Whine and cry over how their “work” and “content” is being devalued by the “manufactured outrage” of black women who are getting in the way of the universal social acclaim for the most mediocre of acts that us whiteys were trained to expect since we were babies.

Is there literally anything “Citizen Journalism” is good for other than aiding police, exploiting the work of oppressed people, reinforcing the logic of white supremacy and colonization, and blowing gas about how venerable journalists are?

Like, at least i can dry my boots with a newspaper.


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