inauspicious start to 2015

[CN: terrorism, erasure, white supremacy, orientalism, colonialism]

ill admit it — im a lot more occupied and concerned with the burning of synagogues in Paris (plus general rising tide of anti-semitism in france that the white establishment gives fuck all about) than the attack on political cartoonists (truly the most heroic of people on this planet lol).

and even more than those two, im very scared by the attempted bombing of the Colorado NAACP. its hard for me to imagine just how much more blatantly apparent the double standards of white amerika and its corporate media running dogs can get.

as the attack in paris takes up all the space, all the talk i see about “freedom of speech” “satirists are martyrs for the first amendment” and “pointing out that these cartoons were racist and unfunny is victim blaming and supporting terror!” is pretty bizarrre to me.

i just cant conveniently forget the context of centuries of colonization, orientalism, and white supremacy. (and this isnt just the global crusades done by the west but the more local history of france’s xenophobic economic policies). it’s power that discourse can always reproduce. and it’s usually this specific type of status-quo discourse, one that’s “edgy” “not PC” and can let white liberals laugh and bond over how they wish the world really was (and actually is but whites need to feel like the victim).

i do not applaud the killing of other human beings. that’s what white people do (see: columbus day, miltary worship, police lynchings).

there have already been violent retaliations against the muslim community in france. naturally in the white gaze 1.8 billion folx are responsible for the actions of a few. once again, the nuances of individual humanity is something only white people are responsible enough to handle, apparently.

so go ahead, chant free speech while you crack your jokes about violence against women or kick a marginalized population as they experience terrorism in the hands of whites every day.

and in the meantime, shut down anyone with valid critiques against white supremacy and its government and so-called culture. cut off their microphones, troll their blogs, snub their letters to editor. never mind that these usually come from powerless people. we’re all equal right?!

i dont mean to suggest that the bill of rights is being twisted/corrupted by its selective use/rejection to reinforce and defend white supremacy. this is what “rights” and “freedoms” where meant to do this whole time in amerikkka and a globalized white supremacist capitalist regime.

before i feel obliged to condemn the terrorist acts perpetrated by muslim individuals, i want to see every white person condemn the NAACP bombing as an act of domestic terrorism.

til then, im just gonna assume yall support the klan. (who should be taken at least as seriously as the taliban or isis or whomever.)

i mean, fuck, im not trying to de-value other people’s values. i dont sympathize with the theocratic fascists. but people are being forced to agree that some political cartoonists are champions of racial justice because they regurgitate white abuse and old-as-the-hills physical stereotypes under freedom of expression and it’s just like: lol nope.

i dont doubt white people’s value of freedom of expression any more than i doubt their values of black death and misogyny.


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