open ‘fuck you’ to the concerned citizens of whitelandia

[CN: white supremacy, victim-blaming, military fetishizing, anti-black racism, white co-optation, ableism, warship, police violence]

it’s just weird even trying to begin with this, because granted, sleepy ol’ portland is the laughing stock of west coast activism and it’s remarkable we even have any marches and demonstrations. the marches organized by Don’t Shoot PDX and the limited contact i’ve been doing w/ anti racist workers are the only things in my life right now that i consider unambiguously positive.

i’ve been going to as many actions as i can. i’ve noticed a sizable representation of the lgbtqia community within these marches. the harassment aimed at demonstrators by hecklers interested in keeping portland white (marches where amongst hipster liberals, some of the more marginalized and defenseless residents of pdx are putting their bodies on the line) show the true face of whitelandia and racist ass oregon.

no joke, during a march through the east side shopping mall a white woman with a stupid christmas sweater got into the face of a black girl who looked like a middle school student. (the black youth who encountered us in the mall were badasses and went straight to the front of the line). This white woman manhandled the black girl while yelling in her face until two older women in the demonstration put their arms in between the black girl and the harasser.

what im getting at for the moment is this: protests and marches are discriminatory af. folx who dismiss “twitter activism” and/or view only street marching as legitimate agitation are proud ableists. they want to erase the organizing labor done behind the scenes, much of it by women. and, surprise: a protest activity that involves hoofing it for hours on end can only include certain people. And yet that still doesn’t stop disabled folx from participating, as i’ve seen folx with disabilities in actions as early as the no-indictment march on 11/25.

and for those who can walk extensively, we still put ourselves at risk to sexual harassment from within and without the protest, being subjected to “all lives matter!” bullshit from within the protest, a hit-and-run by a hopped up whitelandia supporter of the portland police klan (with the pigs’ blessings) or assault by a hopped up whitelandia neo-nazi.

now im not saying stop doing this, but i am saying stop expecting these tactics to sufficiently encompass this movement/uprising and everyone who is participating/organizing/analyzing within it.

on a more topical note, this manufactured crisis of “omg anti-white racists disrepsecting a vet” is a crash course in whitelandia’s reflexive anti-blackness. now, i wasn’t at this march personally, but my affiliates were. the “smoking gun” video is edited so that Teresa Raiford is seen to be actively hijacking the meeting. however, the vet was given his time and space to receive the reward and have his say. the action honored him.

but the uncomfortable racists in the room didnt honor a moment of silence for the ongoing genocide and terrorism on poor communities of color, from which these whitelandians derive their prosperity and comfort each and every day. white fragility on naked display.

white people acting terribly are heroized while the folx who just want their voices heard; who just want to make the bullshit public so long as it exists, are demons.

folx who wield “respect teh troops” as a cudgel against any and all critiques of state violence, especially pre-emptively when in fact it was completely untrue: leave this victim-blaming shit in 2014.

“they are defending the flag!” yeah, the flag under which my relatives in vietnam were burned, tortured, poisoned with chemicals, and reduced to refugees; under which black bodies of any age and gender are rendered disposable, and any white person who wants the respect of their peers must insist they brought this death on themselves.

besides, the alleged freedoms and rights that flag allegedly represents include the right to protest publicly and even desecrate that same flag as acts of protected speech.

“the vet fought the nazis!” wrong, the vet in question was a reconnaissance pilot in the pacific theater. but dont let that get in the way of eurocentrist assumptions that anyone in wwii was shooting up nazis on the beach. anyway, can we please talk about the nazis that are alive and well in portland today?

so like, im chinese mixed with white, so my head is still clouded by white supremacy all the time. one of its manifestsations is that i have to fight the compulsion to type “my grandfather served in korea and i have two personal friends serving in the marines and im not happy/proud for them but i admire them,” which is a true statement but one that is irrelevant if not for the pretzel logic of white supremacy and its compulsive warship of military strength (u know who else valued military strength lol).

please. i personally include this silencing tactic under whitey’s general appeal to “civility.” civility politics is public violence that is granted political cover by the consensus of white supremacy. Saying “support the police” is painfully anti-black yet who will argue against those words? or just look at the capitalist students in my college who consider themselves avant-garde for not “censoring” the muslim-baiting intimidation and foaming at the mouth racism from a campus zionist.

the only thing whites in amerikkka learned from the civil rights movement was that it’s bad to be called a racist. white kids in 2015 are gonna be socialized by the state not only to be good anti-black racists, but moreover to repress all of these attitudes and blame poc or liberals or w/e for their frustrations. silencing tactics that appeal to white bourgeois respectability are ways for the concerned citizens of whitelandia to protect white supremacy while making accusations of “racism” seem unwarranted or unfair.

how bout 2015 is the year we arent afraid to say we dont support the troops because we dont support rape and imperialism? and provide organized protection for the trans* youth and/or youth of color who are brave enough to march with dont shoot pdx as well as assistance for the disabled.

These whitelandia harassers get to me. im not afraid to admit i am totally powerless about this shit. but im still going out there. and so are the rest of dont shoot pdx, behind the initiative of teresa raiford and rest of its black leadership.

appeassing white respectability’s demand to worship the military wont stop white amerika’s assault on blackness. and we wont make any headway if we are to worry ourselves over the fragility of whitelandia’s comfort.

support our troops


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