we were raised to be good racists

we were raised to believe that hot pursuit by a cop is always the proper logical course (just like in the movies!); that immediate deadly force on black people is rational police behavior; that black people are to be feared yet we all value tolerance;

that all of humankind is equal yet we can’t dispute the onslaught of anti-black cultural signals from every media source;

that there is nothing special about our economic circumstances, so that we were perfectly ordinary children in ordinary families, getting by on our labor and talent; that whiteness has no place in the equation;

that poor whites are not worth discussing and poor blacks have their lot because they just don’t have the fortitude to reach our kind of prosperity, which seems to endlessly suspend us;

that the police have heroically dangerous jobs, will come when you call, will check out anyone you bring to their attention, and are the necessary for defending private property;

that racial harmony looks like this piece of police propaganda, which is the only visual form of blackness that the white establishment will accept — vulnerable, infantilized, dependent on our benevolent police system for security and comfort;

that there are two kinds of people in any given nation: citizens and criminals; that the boons of Democracy, such as equal protection and anti-discrimination, belong solely to the former; that anyone who is incarcerated clearly does not belong inside the meaning of “human being”, the concept itself reduced to a legal representation;

that nothing would express gratitude to the state that feeds and educates us better than keeping our mouths shut about things that surely don’t affect us, and keeping our hands over our hearts.


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